Forward-looking drive technology

Kits & controls for home lifts

The globally unique Piconorm drive system represents a revolution in the home lift industry. The market for home lifts is booming like never before – the necessity of creating barrier-free access to apartments, medical practices and other office spaces is increasing, not least because of the constantly increasing age of the population. In renovation and retrofitting in particular, flexibility and cost efficiency are of the greatest importance. Piconorm was developed for exactly these purposes.
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With Piconorm kits, you can finally build your home lifts yourself.
Installation time 6 hours
The newly developed, patented Piconorm drive unite operates through a worm geared drive motor which is coupled to a ball screw drive. A flat belt mechanism with a transmission ration of 6:1 is put into motion by the linear movement of the travelling nut.
The flat belts, mounted on the supporting frame, can move the cabin with a rise of 9 metres. The Q+F maximum load is 850 kg with a travelling speed of 0.15 m/sec.
Thanks to its compact design, this system is primarily designed for home lifts. Here, the simple operation and installation of the kit is an enormous advantage. Installation times of just a few hours are the result. The drive unit is almost maintenance-free.